Facebook Hit With Moronic Lawsuit

Posted Aug 18, 2009

Facebook has been sued in the past for being a social network monopoly.  Now the social network is being sued for their whole business model in the Superior Court of California in Orange County.  Ridiculous.

Facebook is being sued for violation of privacy, copyright, and for hosting images of people without the consent of those who are in the pictures.

Below is an excerpt of the lawsuit on behalf of an 11 year old girl:

?Plaintiff Xavier O. is an 11-year-old minor residing with his parents in Orange County, California. Plaintiff Xavier O. has a Facebook account that was opened without the knowledge or consent of his parent or guardian. Plaintiff Xavier O. has uploaded personal information, videos and photographs, including swimming and/or partially clothed photographs of children ages 5 to 11. On or about August 8, 2009, Plaintiff Xavier O. posted ‘Xavier O. has swine flu? Please pray for me? God Bless.’ Upon learning of the Facebook account and the posting of an uncertain medical condition, Plaintiff Xavier O?s parents removed the medical condition posting from Facebook. Xavier O. and his parents have been unable to learn where the minor?s medical information may have been stored, disseminated or sold by Facebook.?

This sounds like more of a parental issue to me. One of the complaints even mentions how Facebook went from being known as Thefacebook to Facebook.com.

“Catherine Aiko is a college student. She joined ‘a Mark Zuckerberg production’ called ‘Thefacebook’ in or about May 2005, and was required to have a verified college email to join. Thefacebook of 2004 and/or 2005 states Thefacebook is ‘an online directory that connects people through social networks at schools’ that prides itself in being a positive environment for peers to safely interact.’ The facebook of 2004 and/or 2005 states it was ‘limited to your own college or university, and ‘members’ could ‘use Thefacebook to: Search for people at your school, Find out who is in your classes, and Look up your friends’ friends.’ The Terms and Conditions of 2004 and 2005 changed over time and at various dates stated ‘You may remove your Member Content from the site at any time. If you choose to remove your Member Content, the license granted… will automatically expire.”

The attorneys representing the plaintiffs above and several other plaintiffs are Dana B. Taschner of and W. Mark Lanier of Lanier Law Firm.

“We see no merit to this suit and we plan to fight it,” stated Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt.