Facebook Hit With Several Phish Attacks In Past Week

Posted May 1, 2009

“We’ve seen attacks like these before,” stated Ryan McGeehan, threat analyst at Facebook. “We expect them. It’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

This past week, several scams have hit the social network that tried to convince users to enter passwords in to a fake website.  This has been going on for the last several days.

The two websites linked to the phishing attacks are FBstarter.com and BAction.net.  Facebook users themselves respond very quickly to the phish attacks on the security pages of the social network.  After that Facebook runs a “remove and clean” trace to have the phish messages wiped out.  Users affected by the phish attack are then expected to change their passwords.

MarkMonitor, a security firm then goes after the hosting companies of the phishing sites to have them shut down.  Google and Microsoft are notified to block the fraud websites from a browser standpoint.

[via PCW]