Facebook Hitting Nearly $1 Billion In PROFITS This Year and Has $5.6 Billion In ASSETS

Posted Dec 15, 2011

A source with Gawker was able to get their hands on Facebook’s financial documents and the numbers are quite staggering. The most notable figure of all is the company profits. Facebook will come close to earn about $1 billion in profit this year, which is more than double from a year ago and quadruple from two years ago. The company also has $5.6 billion in assets, which they will continue to use on buying other tech companies.

Although Facebook does not have as much money as bigger companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple — Facebook has not been around for as long as their rivals. Also let’s not forget that their CEO was not even born when some of these companies started.

When Facebook has an IPO next year, the company is expected to raise about $10 billion more through a $100 billion valuation. Below are some of the other numbers from the leaked report that Gawker received.

Facebook By The Numbers

Jan. 2011 ? Sept. 2011

Assets: $5.6 billion
Cash/cash equivalents: $3.5 billion
Debt: $0
Shareholder equity: $4.5 billion

Operating cashflow: $1 billion
Revenue: $2.5 billion
Operating income: $1.2 billion
Net income: $714 million

Ownership: Employees 30%, Mark Zuckerberg 24%, Digital Sky Technologies 10%, Accel Partners 8% (had 10% but sold 2%), Dustin Moskowitz 6%, Eduardo Saverin 5%, Sean Parker 4%, Goldman Sachs clients 3%, Microsoft 1.3%, Peter Thiel and/or Clarium Capital 3%, Greylock Partners 1.4%, Meritech Capital Partners 1.6%, Chris Hughes 1 %, Li Ka-shing .75%, Interpublic Group .50%,, Goldman Sachs .8%,