Facebook Home Ads Feature A Goat Screaming At Zuckerberg And A Boring Family Dinner

Posted Apr 15, 2013

Facebook has launched two new commercials that promote Facebook Home.  Facebook Home is a customized user interface that is compatible with select Android devices that emphasizes on the social network.  The first commercial is called “Launch Day” and the second is known as “Dinner.”  Both commercials have a similar theme that involves content on the phone showing up in real-life.

In the “Launch Day” ad, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives the team at the company a break-down about how important Facebook Home is.  One of the Facebook employees in the ad named Joey tuned out from Zuckerberg’s discussion and starts tinkering around with Facebook Home on his home.  As he surfs, a goat shows up and yells at Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg does not notice and keeps talking since the goat was actually in Joey’s imagination.  The commercial also features Joey’s friends doing a cannonball into a pool, racing on a 4-wheeler, and playing racquetball.

In the “Dinner” ad, a family is sitting at a dinner table as a crazy aunt rants about walking through a grocery store.  While most of the family pretends to act interested, one of the girls tunes out and starts playing with Facebook Home.  As she scrolls through the app, a guy on the drums starts playing, a ballet walks through the dining room, and it ends with a snowball fight.

Check out the two ads below: