Facebook Home To Get Buddy Lists and Dock, Hits 1 Million Downloads

Posted May 10, 2013

Facebook Home, a user interface layer for Android-compatible smartphones created by Facebook, has hit one million downloads in only four weeks, despite all of the negative reviews.  Late last month Facebook Home hit around 500,000 downloads.  Facebook Home is intended to be a replacement for the existing home screen on an Android device.  Facebook Home allows users to easily view and post content on Facebook.  Facebook Home went live on April 12th and the company launched a couple of creative ads promoting the service.

Facebook Home is also updating Facebook Home as part of an effort to release monthly updates for the app.  The update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.  There will be some big changes in the next few months though.

Facebook Home is going to have a dock and a dash bar, an IM buddy list for Chat Heads.  Facebook is also going to add more compatibility for more Android devices.  Currently only four devices officially support Facebook Home.

Facebook said that users are logging onto Facebook 25% more than before because of the quick access that Home offers.  The company also noticed more engagement in terms of daily comments and Likes that someone leaves on their News Feed.  This is also up 25%.  Facebook Chat Heads has increased Facebook messaging by around 10%, according to TechCrunch.