Facebook Hosting Over 40 Billion Photo Files!

Posted Oct 16, 2008

When Facebook first came out as TheFacebook.com, I just thought it was a reincarnation of Friendster.  I joined anyway because Michigan State became one of the early, exclusive schools that allowed people in with a @msu.edu e-mail address.  It was a privilege for any university to be added to the list of supported schools early on.

But then something else happened that kept me hooked and coming back for more Facebook.  I discovered that Yahoo! Photos capped the number of photos allowed to 1,000.  That was the highest I’d seen, but I kept surpassing that cap since I’m very camera-happy.  And that was a big disappointment for me. 

Facebook introduced unlimited photo uploads and integrated the tagging system.  I knew that Facebook would be on to something big with just that feature itself.  It turns out that I was right.  Facebook receives 15 million photo uploads per day, thus leading them to host 10 BILLION PHOTOS! 

Doug Beaver also pointed out that Facebook stores 4 sizes for each stored picture, thus causing them to host 40 billion photo files.  Of those 40 billion photo files, 33.2 billion were added within the last 17 months.  On average 300,000 photos are looked at on Facebook per second.

That is a lot of bandwidth.  No wonder Facebook is #5 on Alexa just behind Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, Live.com, and MSN.com.