Facebook Inc (FB) buys ‘Moves’ tracking app company

Posted Apr 24, 2014

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has acquired the company behind an app called “Moves.” The Moves app is available on the iPhone and Android. The Moves team will be joining Facebook to work on building and improving their products. The Moves app will continue to operate as a standalone operation. The price of the acquisition was undisclosed.

Moves is a fitness and activity tracking app. The app uses unique movement data interpretation algorithms, which turns information gathered from sensors built into devices into visually-appealing stats on a dashboard. The app can show steps taken and calories burned.

Moves has hit over 4 million downloads across iOS and Android since launching last January. The app has an API for third-party developers to build software using data from the app.

Who is behind the Moves app? Moves was developed and run by ProtoGeo Oy. ProtoGeo Oy was founded in January 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. ProtoGeo raised seed funding from Lifeline Ventures, PROfounders, AJP Holding, Juha Lindfors, Jyri Engeström and Tekes.