Facebook Inc (FB) CTO Michael Schroepfer Sells 270,00 Shares

Posted Jul 30, 2013

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock has grown to over $35 which is around the highest that they have seen since the company went public in May 2012.  The company reported positive second quarter results, especially in terms of mobile growth.  This is likely why Facebook chief technology officer Michael Schroepfer decided to cash out on some of the company’s success.

InsideFacebook reported that Schroepfer sold 150,000 shares of Facebook stock at $33.51 per share on Thursday July 25th.  He also sold 120,000 more shares at $34.40 on Monday July 29th.  This totals around $9,155,088.  Schroepfer still owns around 786,689 shares of Facebook stock.

Facebook closed at $35.43 yesterday.