Facebook Inc (FB) is fighting largest ever court data request

Posted Jun 28, 2014

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is appealing a ruling that found it cannot contest government-requested search warrants of its users.  Facebook is claiming that the state of New York broadly overreached when it requested personal information of 381 Facebook users last year as part of a Social Security fraud investigation, according to The New York Times.

Facebook is appealing a ruling that found it has no standing to contest the search warrants, which is the result of a bitter fight between it and the Manhattan district attorney.

Facebook has sought to halt broad warrants by using the Fourth Amendment, which says that the government cannot seize or look into private or shared messages and communications without the users knowing.

A New York judge denied Facebook’s efforts to keep user information confidential since it is a digital archive of data and is not the target of a criminal inquiry. The judge also barred Facebook from notifying users of the data requests.

The New York inquiry in the Social Security fraud situation found that over 100 of the 381 users it requested data for did defraud the system and were indicted, reported the Times.

[Source: NYT]