Facebook Inc (FB): Judge dismisses lawsuit against Paul Ceglia

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Paul Ceglia is a New York based man that claimed he had a contract that entitled him to half ownership in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). A federal judge has dismissed Ceglia’s lawsuit though. U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara said on Tuesday that Facebook was granted a motion to dismiss Ceglia’s lawsuit following the recommendation of another judge in the case that said there was clear evidence that the 2003 contract submitted in the claim was a “recently created fabrication.”


Ceglia filed the lawsuit against Facebook in 2010 and claimed that Zuckerberg entered into a contract twitch him in 2003 to design and develop a website that ultimately became Facebook.

Ceglia hired Zuckerberg through a Craigslist ad to put together a website called StreetFax. Zuckerberg was paid $1,000 for his work. Ceglia also showed a contract that claims he paid $1,000 in Zuckerberg’s “Face Book” project that gave him a 50% interest in the company.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that he worked on StreetFax, but the other contract was false. Facebook said that the contract was likely forgery and called the document an “outright fabrication.”

Ceglia cited over a dozen e-mails between himself and Zuckerberg that allegedly details the design and development regarding “The Face Book.”

Ceglia was arrested in October 2012 in Wellsville, New York and was charged with mail and wire fraud for allegedly doctoring the contract and creating fake e-mails related to this case.

The judge in that case issued a separate ruling that denied his motion to dismiss those charges.

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[Source: CNET]