Facebook Inc (FB): WhatsApp hits 500 million users

Posted Apr 22, 2014

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is in the process of closing its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. WhatsApp hit a major milestone yesterday, which is that it hit 500 million active monthly users. WhatApp users are sharing 700 million photos and 100 million videos per day.

?We?re going to get our engineers together and fix a lot of bugs,? said WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum is response to how the company is going to celebrate, according to Re/code. ?We don?t have anything huge we?ve changed in our last six months, but we?ve had probably 1,000 little bug fixes and improvements.?

WhatsApp announced in February that the company plans to roll out support for free voice calls in the next few months. Since the Facebook acquisition, WhatsApp announced new privacy settings that would allow users to decide who can see their status and profile photo WhatsApp is especially growing in four places: Mexico, Brazil, India and Russia.

WhatsApp has 48 million active users in India alone. This number is around half the number of Facebook’s active users in India. WhatsApp achieved this number by arranging deals with carriers there to offer unlimited WhatsApp data usage for 30 cents per month.

In Brazil, WhatsApp has 45 million actives and there are 14 million active users in Turkey. In Asian countries, WhatsApp is dealing with competition from Line. Line has more active users than WhatsApp in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. KakaoTalk has more active users in Korea and WeChat has more users in China.