Facebook Introduces “I Like It” Button

Posted Feb 10, 2009

Facebook has introduced a new feature that reminds me of Digg and FriendFeed.  Everytime someone submits some sort of content like an article, photos, videos, links, reviews, etc., there will be a thumbs up or thumbs down button available.  Every time someone clicks on thumbs up, it will report who else liked the same content.

“Recently, I had a friend write a note about running her first marathon and another friend upload pictures of his new baby. In both cases, they ended up with over 30 comments, all saying: ‘Awesome!’ ‘Congrats!’ The aggregation of the sentiment ‘I like this’ makes room in the comments section for longer accolades,” stated Facebook employee Leah Pearlman.

Digg and FriendFeed use similar icons.  Digg uses these icons to vote comments up or down and FriendFeed uses these icons to indicate whether stories being shared are liked.