Facebook iPhone App Now Has Chat Heads, Stickers, and Redesigned News Feed

Posted Apr 17, 2013

Facebook has redesigned their iOS app to match the company’s Facebook Home software on the Android mobile operating system.  Facebook added Chat Heads, Stickers, and a redesigned News Feed to the iOS app.  Facebook is gradually rolling out Chat Heads and Stickers to everyone over the next few weeks.

As part of the redesign, Facebook moved the News Feed navigation to the top of the app.  This is where you can find the lists that you have created to filter certain friends.  You can also see what music and games that your friends have engaged in.  The Photos section in the News Feed will show you the feed for all of your friends’ latest photos.

Chat Heads lets you keep chatting with friends regardless of what else you are doing in the app.  When you tap on an icon of your friends’ face, you will be able to send a quick message to them and resume what you were doing in the app. Chat Heads can also be dragged around or flicked down to close.

Stickers can be added to chats as a way to visually express yourself.  To add stickers, you will need to tap on the smiley.  You can also buy Stickers from the Sticker Store if you are not satisfied with what is available for free.

You can download the updated app from iTunes now.