Facebook Is Testing Places Powered Deals and Launching Friendship Pages [UPDATED]

Posted Oct 28, 2010

Facebook is gearing up to launch a couple of new projects. They are testing out a deals option that would be integrated in to their Places feature. And the social network is also launching a new feature called Facebook Friendship Pages. Check out the full details below:

Facebook Places Powered Deals
Facebook is currently testing a new service called “Facebook Deals.” When you check into a venue using the geo-location features on the Facebook application, you may be offered a deal. This is similar to what Foursquare has built into their mobile application too.

One of the participating venues with Facebook Places sent an e-mail screenshot to AllFacebook.com with the details. The deal also involved rewarding a Facebook user with a free product when 3 of a user’s friends are tagged at a specific location according to AllFacebook.

Friendship Pages
Facebook is also testing out a feature called Friendship Pages. Facebook is now letting you view all of their interactions you had with particular friends on designated pages. For example, you could go back and see all of the public wall posts, comments, photos you both are tagged in, events you both RSVP’d on, etc. with that specific friend. Friendship Pages is the idea of Facebook engineer Wayne Kao and there is no word yet on when this new feature will be rolled out.

UPDATE: I just learned how to find the Friendship Pages. When you visit a friend’s profile there is a link under your friend’s profile picture that says “View You and (Friend’s Name).”