Facebook Launches A Q&A Service: Facebook Questions

Posted Jul 28, 2010

Facebook has launched a new Questions service in beta. You can use this service to ask people on the social network anything. Sounds like Facebook wants to give Yahoo! Answers a run for it’s money.

Facebook Questions is available to a limited amount of people right now and can be viewed by your friends and their friends.

To ask a question, click the “Ask Question” button at the top of the homepage. You will also be able to ask questions from your friends’ profiles.

When asking a question, you can add a photo or poll. However every Question you ask will be available to everyone on the Internet (another reason for Yahoo! Answers to be concerned).

“If you only want to ask a question to your friends or a specific group of people, you can still pose it as a status update on your profile targeted to those people,” stated Blake Ross on the Facebook Blog.

Questions can be tagged with specific topics as well. This way, you can quickly retrieve relevant content. People with an interest of those tags will also be able to see those types of questions easier.

You can also click “follow” on a question to receive notifications about when a new answer is posted.

To browse questions, click the “Everything” button.
You can browse through all of the questions to help find ones you may have never thought to ask. Just select “Everything” from the “Questions about” drop-down menu.

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