Facebook Launches Live Feed; See What Your Friends Are Doing In Real-Time

Posted Aug 29, 2008

Facebook has launched a new feature called Live Feed. This feature shows you what your friends are doing in real-time with the News Feed format. Everytime a new story is update a noise is made. This concept is similar to Twitter Search.

There are two modes of the Live Feed. The first mode is Log Mode, where the action that takes place is displayed in one line. The second mode is Full Stories. Full Stories displays a thumbnail if someone changed their profile picture or multiple thumbnails if a photo album was recently added. The time of the event taking place is Pacific Time by default.

Users that don’t have a lot of friends will not see as much live stream action. But then again people that don’t have a lot of friends don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. For a video demo, check out AllFacebook.com.