Facebook launches Messenger for Android beta program

Posted Mar 18, 2014

Following the success of the Facebook for Android beta program, Facebook has launched the Messenger for Android beta program, which will receive automatic updates scheduled for every week. The Facebook for Android beta program launched in June 2013 and over 1 million testers from over 150 countries joined to help fix bugs before the official app launched.


The Messenger for Android beta program is opt-in for Android users that want to help test the new features in the app. Users are being asked to use the app and submit bug reports.

?Performance and reliability are important aspects of any high quality product. For a messaging product, this is especially true ? we want our messages to be delivered to our friends quickly, and reliably. We have learned a lot about improving mobile performance at Facebook, and the Android Beta program is a helpful tool we have at our disposal,? said Facebook in a blog post.

Facebook said that the beta program will serve as an early warning system that will help make everyone’s experience with the app better. Facebook Messenger for Android will be updated multiple times per week with bug fixes.