Facebook Launches New Profile Features

Posted Dec 6, 2010

Within the last day, Facebook has rolled out profile improvements. The new features include a new profile introduction, featured friends, and a new education/work section.

In the screenshot above, you will notice that Facebook highlights who you are at the top by pointing out where you work, where you live, who you are engaged or married to, where you studied, where you are from, and when you were born. At the top, there is also a row of highlighted photos that you have been tagged in. It is like a brief bio-data.

There is a featured friends section where you can highlight who your family, best friends, and teammates are. Facebook employee Josh Wiseman showed an example of his Revolver Ultimate frisbee team:

There is a new Education and Work section that highlights your current and previous employers. Facebook appears to be encouraging you to add a resume just like LinkedIn does. The company seems to be “growing up” by adding this feature. You can tag friends that you have worked on work projects with. Below is a screenshot of how Wiseman made his education and work resume:

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