Facebook Launching A New Tabbed User Interface In Early April 2008

Posted Mar 8, 2008

Based on user feedback, the Facebook user interface is changing in April.  This will affect the view of applications integrated into profiles, Photos, the Facebook wall, the Mini feeds, etc.  This announcement was made by Peter Bratach on the Facebook Developers blog.  Below are a couple of screen shots of the new, upcoming profile look and feel.

The wall and profile size will be expanded.  The navigation of the profile will include tabbed browsing.  The Wall tab will have the wall and mini-feed.  Facebook is combining these Wall and Mini-Feed in the Wall tab because:
While the Wall and Mini-Feed may seem like two totally separate things, both can contribute towards telling a more complete story. The idea behind combining the Wall and Mini-Feed is to put all of the most important information in the same place, so users don’t have to constantly search around to keep up with their friends,” wrote Bratach.

The Platform API will change and there will be new FBML tags for developers creating applications on Facebook.

[Information Source: Mashable]