Facebook Legal Team Stops Mark Zuckerberg Action Figures From Being Made

Posted Mar 16, 2011

The Mark Zuckerberg action figure is being blocked by Facebook’s legal team. The action figure was being made by M.I.C. (Made in China). M.I.C. apologized and said that they will comply with the legal block. M.I.C. recently created a Steve Jobs action figure, which was also blocked over trademark infringement. Below is the letter that Facebook’s legal team sent to M.I.C.:

Without the authorization of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and FACEBOOK, you have manufactured and sold on your website the Mark Zuckerberg Action Figures to customers globally, which has used Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s portraiture for commercial purpose and infringed his legitimate right. In addition, FACEBOOK’s trademark “F” has also been used on these Action Figures, which has also infringed FACEBOOK’s trademark right. Your improper act has infringed upon the legitimate rights of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and FACEBOOK.

[MICGadget via Gawker]