Facebook Inc (FB): “Lookaline Audiences” ad program expands

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced that it is expanding its advertising tool called Lookalike Audiences. The tool will let advertisers target new users based on people that visit their websites, use their mobile apps, or connect to their Facebook Pages.

In the past, advertisers could only create “lookalikes” based on existing information, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and user IDs. Facebook announced Lookalike Audiences in March 2013 for businesses to reach potential customers that have similar characteristics as their current ones. This is known as lookalikes. Below is a list of capabilities that advertisers will now have:

– Find more people who ?look like? their website visitors by using data from their Facebook pixels to reach people who are similar to those who previously made purchases on their website.

– Find more people who ?look like? their mobile app users by creating lookalike audiences based on people that have used their mobile app, such as people who?ve downloaded songs from their music app or have made purchases via their shopping app.

– Find more people who ?look like? their Facebook fans by creating lookalike audiences based on their current fans.

– The new features are available today in Power Editor to all advertisers worldwide. To start using them, head to Power Editor, click the ?Audiences? tab, and then hit ?Create New Audience? ? ?Lookalike Audience.?

Facebook said that lookalike audiences were “designed to protect people’s privacy.” This feature allows marketers to reach specific groups of people without actually sharing who is in those groups.

[Source: Facebook News]