Facebook Making It Easier To Quit Cold Turkey; Not Just Temporarily Deactivate

Posted Feb 13, 2008

Many users complain that when they try to deactivate their account on Facebook, their information remains lurking on the site.  Recently, Facebook made it clear that they are making it easier to permanently delete their account with all of their information too. 

This whole time there was a method to completely deleting an account, but it wasn’t apparent how to do so.  If users wanted to remove their account entirely, they were required to email Facebook staff.  The social network stated that they will be soon adding a button that simply says to delete the account.

â??Weâ??re always working to improve the user experience,â? stated Katie Geminder, Director for User Experience and Design at Facebook.   â??We are measuring the effects of the change we made yesterday, and if we think more needs to be done to improve the user experience for deleting an account, weâ??ll test different implementations and measure them accordingly [Source: NY Times].â?

Facebook users have a tendency to deactivate and then reactivate for numerous reasons.  I’ve heard cases where college students get too distracted on Facebook and their grades slip so they deactivate temporarily.  According to Geminder, the number of users that reactivate their accounts on a given day are half the number that deactivate.   Hence the users that deactivate accounts want their information to remain in place just in case which is a positive thing. 

How to permanently delete your Facebook account is a group that started on Facebook in response to the inability to quit permanently.  The group was started by Swedish user, Magnus Wallin.  “A â??formâ?? sounds like you have to explain yourself. A regular delete button would be preferable, in my opinion,” stated Wallin.  This group has 7,600 users+ and is growing rapidly. 

Good move for the social network.  Giving users what they want as they come to consensuses seems to be Facebook’s forté.

Note: I just logged into Facebook and tried searching for a way to delete my account, but I’m not seeing anything yet.  I’ll update this post with a screen shot when I see something.