Facebook Engineer Matt Jones Apologizes On Reddit For Accidentally Blocking Imgur

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Facebook engineer Matt Jones accidentally blocked Imgur and the Internet community was about to go livid until he did some PR control by replying to a thread on Reddit.    Jones’ response hit over 3,000 up-votes on Reddit.  This is what Matt Jones (@Fisherrider) wrote on the Reddit post that was titled “Facebook has blocked imgur.com.”

Hey folks ? so this is actually my fault. Literally, I?m the guy who accidentally blocked imgur for a brief period of time today. I?m really sorry.

Some background: I?m an engineer who works on the system we use for catching malicious URLs. In the process of dealing with a bad URL that our automated defenses didn?t catch, I ran into a rare bug that caused us to incorrectly block some legitimate URLs for a brief time. Right after I figured that out and removed the bad data, I reworked the UI so no one will get bit by the same issue in the future.

As a form of apology that I?m sure is insufficient, here is a picture of my dog dressed up for the 4th of July:http://imgur.com/pR4mR .