Facebook May Receive Another $10-$15 Million

Posted Jan 16, 2008

Three German brothers, Alex, Oliver, and Marc Samwer agreed to invest $10-$15 million in Facebook today.  The Samwer brothers previously started Alando.de, an auction website that was acquired by eBay.  Since starting their own investments, the brothers invested in LinkedIn Corp. and StudiVZ (a Facebook replica).  The investment are based upon Facebook’s $15 billion valuation.

The deal is not official yet and may not actually happen.  The three will invest through financial vehicle, European Founders Fund.  Microsoft Corp. recently invested $240 million in Facebook and Li-Ka Shing, a Hong Kong billionaire invested $60 million.

Its interesting to see Facebook accepting investments from multiple sources across California, Seattle, Hong Kong, and Germany.  With this funding, Facebook would have raised nearly or more $350 million.  MySpace, the more mainstream social network was acquired by $580 million.  What Facebook is planning to do with all this money and such a high valuation is anybody’s guess.  But I can certainly guess that whenever Facebook is ready to go public, major financial firms will be ready to help broker the deal.