Facebook May Start A Hashtag System

Posted Mar 14, 2013

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, may take a page from Twitter’s book and start a service to track hashtags. Hashtags are keywords used for monitoring discussions around that particular subject. 

For example, Twitter lets you follow discussions about the TV show Suits when users click on the hashtag link #suits.  Facebook users have a tendency to add hashtags in their status messages, but the social network does not turn them into links to follow discussions about that particular topic as of right now.  It is rumored that Facebook will integrate hashtags into their Graph Search.

Instagram, the mobile photo social network and Facebook subsidiary, uses a similar technique with hashtags for finding related pictures about a topic.  Sometimes I click on the #detroit hashtag on Instagram to find other pictures that people have taken of the city.

Facebook already allows users to tag people, locations, and Pages to their status that links to their profiles.  Hashtags seems like the next natural step for the social network.