Facebook Still Believes In HTML5

Posted Sep 15, 2012

Earlier this week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference and he acknowledged that the company bet too much on HTML5 for their mobile app.  He even said that HTML5 was Facebook’s “biggest mistake.”

However Facebook had a small press gathering on their campus on Thursday afternoon and some of the company’s iOS team said that they are still “bullish” on HTML5 and on Ringmark, the organization that helped build the standards on HTML5.  Facebook director of developer products Doug Purdy said that HTML5 is still important for the company and said that they have “an entire team of folks that are focused on HTML5.”

It took around 9 months, but Facebook created a new app that with code that is native to iOS.  The HTML5 version of the app was unpopular because it was slow and clunky.  The Facebook app had 1.5 stars on the Apple App Store out of 5.

?People think it?s HTML5 or native,? said Purdy. ?But it?s actually ?and?.?  Many people are still using mobile web browsers to go to Facebook on Safari and Chrome and that uses HTML5.

Facebook’s messaging app lead developer Peter Deng said that the company sent people around the world to find out how people are using their phones so that they can stay on top of providing the best mobile experience globally.