Facebook Movie Becomes A Buzzkill For John Hopkins Students [Screenshots]

Posted Nov 5, 2009

Jesse Eisenberg is the actor that will be playing Mark Zuckerberg in a movie called The Social Network. The Social Network is a movie based on the founding of online social network Facebook. Facebook was founded by Zuckerberg in a dorm room when he was attending Harvard University. However the movie will not be filmed at Harvard. It will be filmed at The John Hopkins University.

“It feels degrading somehow,” stated John Hopkins student Diego Ardila while he watched movie scene workers remove the words “Latrobe Hall” from an engineering building and replace it with “Kirkland House.” The reason why Harvard would not allow The Social Network to be filmed there is because they have a policy that no commercial filming can be made on campus.

As the BaltimoreSun.com put it, John Hopkins felt like a “safety school” by the film because they could not get Harvard. Just like John Hopkins is considered a safety school for kids that also applied to Harvard. This is why many students that walked around the set made sure to wear John Hopkins shirts and hoodies hoping that it would end up being seen on the final cut of the movie.

Eisenberg recently starred in Zombieland with Woody Harrelson. The ironic part of Zombieland is that one of the lines stated by Eisenberg’s character is that one nice thing about everyone being zombies is that you no longer have to read Facebook status updates from friends.

ValleyWag posted the following screenshots of the movie set: