Facebook Moving Into 1 Million Sq. Ft. Property In Menlo Park

Posted Feb 8, 2011

Facebook has announced that the company is moving from their current space in Palo Alto, CA to Sun Microsystem’s old 1 million square foot campus in Menlo Park, CA. The campus is located on the Bayfront Expressway and it has 11 buildings across 57 acres.

The campus can accommodate 3,600 people and it has 3,700 parking spaces. Facebook also bought a 22 acre building that connects the campus by tunnel. The move is expected to happen in June/July. Facebook has over 2,000 employees, which doubled since last year. They are starting to outgrow their space in Palo Alto. “We are reaching a point where we won?t be able to fit,? said Facebook CFO David Ebersman. ?Facebook is growing 50% a year in terms of headcount and our growth plan is to continue hiring in the Bay Area.?