Facebook Nearby Feature Shows Popular Venues Near You

Posted Dec 18, 2012

Facebook recently launched a new feature within the “Nearby” section of their mobile application.  You will notice in the navigation area of the Facebook app on Android and iOS that you can select an option called “Nearby.”  This will show users places that are near them that are popular based on the likes and recommendations of their friends.  This feature used to just focus on where friends have checked in, but now it is being expanded to include a ratings system.  That section will also have recommendations for certain categorized businesses.

“Local businesses such as restaurants and salons have always relied on word-of-mouth recommendations, and now Nearby makes those recommendations relevant to people on the go looking for places around them,” stated a Facebook spokesperson. “Businesses with a Facebook Page and physical location will benefit from this update.”

Over 150 million people visit Facebook Pages per day and around half of them are coming from mobile users based in the U.S.

“This is an early release and there?s lots more to do,” said Facebook in a blog. “Results will get better the more people use Nearby, and we?ll continue to improve it based on feedback. We also plan to add places info from third party services in the near future.”

[Source: Mashable]