Facebook Now Has Free Photos For Companies To Use In Ads

Posted Aug 22, 2013

Facebook is now offering a way for businesses to use stock images for their ads free of charge.  Facebook made this service possible as part of a partnership with Shutterstock.  Facebook is giving access to millions of images.  The stock images can be found in Facebook’s ad creation tool.

“Starting today, it?s also getting easier for businesses to create multiple ads simultaneously. When creating a group of Facebook ads, our new image uploader allows people to select a range of Page photos, images from previous ads and Shutterstock images. The ability to simultaneously upload multiple images means advertisers can now create multiple ads at one time (with multiple images) for a single campaign, and test images to increase performance of their campaigns,” said Facebook in a blog post.

Businesses can also use multiple images in different ads to see which ones work best.  Facebook also updated the Android and iOS Pages Manager apps.  The app now lets users upload multiple images from their mobile phones and edit existing Page admins.  New Page admins can be added to the Pages that they manage.