Facebook Pages and Profiles Start To Get Verified Badges

Posted May 29, 2013

Facebook has announced that they have launched verified Pages and profiles.  The Verified accounts are starting to be added to a group of celebrities, government officials, brands, businesses, and politicians that have a large following.  The Verified Pages and profiles will have a dark blue checkmark next to their names on their Timelines.  It will also appear in search results and other places throughout the social network.

The Verified badge is known as the “blue badge.”  When you hover over the badge, it will say that the page or profile is authentic.  Currently Facebook verifies accounts on their own and you cannot request for a verified profile.

“Learn more about verified Pages and profiles in the “Help Center”. Facebook proactively verifies authentic Pages and profiles, but if you believe that you’re being impersonated you can always “report a fake account,” said Facebook in a blog post.  Other social networks that have verified badges include Twitter and Pinterest.