Facebook Paid Out $2.8 Billion To Game Developers In 2012

Posted Mar 26, 2013

Sean Ryan, the director of Game Partnerships at Facebook, said that game developers generated $2.8 billion on the social network last year.  The company has indicated that they are investing heavily in the gaming space.  At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Ryan also mentioned some other stats about some of the gaming successes that they have seen:

– Over 250 million people play Facebook games every month
– Around 55% of the top 400 iOS apps are integrated with Facebook as of last month
– About 20% of Facebook’s web users play games on Facebook
– There are 200 games on Facebook that has over 1 million monthly active users each.

Facebook recently introduced a “games collection” feature for member profile pages according to CNET.  The Games Collection page appears in the “About” section of a Facebook profile that displays the games that a person is playing and has liked.