Facebook Adds Photo Filters To iOS Mobile App

Posted Nov 6, 2012

Facebook has added photo filters to their iOS app.  This feature addition coincides with their subsidiary Instagram expanding to the web.  The app update also has a slide-out chat for the buddy list and Gift giving features.


After you take a photo, you can select from options like Normal, Contrast, Cool, Light, Emerald, Bright, Golden, Copper, Rouge, Cream, Coffee, Highlight, Boost, Neon, and B+W.  You can access the filters by clicking on the Magic Wand icon.  Facebook just beat Twitter at adding filters to their mobile app.  Earlier this month, we wrote about how Twitter would be adding photo filters to their mobile app sometime in the near future.  Below is a screenshot of a test that I did with the app update:


Now iOS users can buy Gifts through the composer on a friend’s wall.  Facebook will likely add a dedicated Gifts section of the app on the navigation menu.  The Gifts app may show the day’s birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc.

Facebook Chat

When you slide the screen to the left, the Facebook app lets you see your buddy list.  You can see who is active and who is offline.  You can also search and filter your contacts if you want to send them a message.  The Facebook application automatically puts the people you Chat with the most at the top.  You can add contacts as a Favorite.