Facebook Poaches Google Senior Director Greg Badros

Posted Jun 13, 2009

Social networking company Facebook has just poached another executive from Google.  Google’s Senior Director of Engineering Greg Badros will be stepping down to become the Facebook Director of Engineering.  While Badros was at Google, he was the head of the AdSense team.  He was there from the start of AdSense in 2004 up until the company started making billions in revenue.

Badros also led the Google Calendar, Google Reader, and GMail engineering teams for some time.  Around March 2009, Badros became head of the Application Platform group.  Badros will be directly reporting to Facebook VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer.  Badros has previously worked for Go2Net which InfoSpace acquired.  He was the Chief Technical Architect at both companies before joining Google.

This is the second AdSense executive that Facebook poached from Google this month.  Earlier this month, Facebook hired Google’s advertising operations head in Ann Arbor, Michigan Grady Burnett.

[via TechCrunch]