Facebook Launches A Poke App

Posted Dec 22, 2012

Facebook has released a new application that is considered a competitor of Snapchat.  The new app is called Poke [iTunes link].  The Poke app is named after one of Facebook’s earlier known features where you can send a virtual “poke” to one of your buddies.    The Poke app lets you send a message, photo, or a video to your Facebook friends.  The messages expire after 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was part of the small team that built the new Poke app over the last 12 days.  Zuckerberg was known for writing some of the code for the Poke app.  There is an audio clip that says “Poke” when you get a push notification and that is Zuckerberg’s voice.

Facebook found that people loved sharing silly photos and videos that deleted themselves a few seconds after being received based on the popularity of Snapchat.  Facebook actually tried to buy out Snapchat, but that did not work out.  This is when Zuckerberg and other team members went into hacker mode.  Facebook Director of Product Blake Ross also worked on the programming.