Facebook Files Trademark For “Poke”

Posted Dec 27, 2012

Facebook has filed a trademark for the word “Poke.”  Facebook launched a new mobile app called Poke earlier this month [iTunes link].  The team that built the app at Facebook made it in only 12 days and Mark Zuckerberg wrote code for it.  Facebook filed a trademark for the app on December 21st, the day before the Poke application went live.  Facebook filed a trademark for the Facebook Poke app and the logo for the iPhone app.

The poke feature on Facebook has been around since the company first launched.  Facebook applied for a U.S. trademark for Poke in 2006.  The trademark ended up lapsing in July 2011.

The Facebook Poke app lets users send text, photo messages, and videos that deletes itself within 10 seconds.  Facebook essentially copied this feature from another similar app called Snapchat.  Snapchat refused an acquisition offer from Facebook so the company just built an app that is similar anyway.