Facebook Polling Users About Thoughts On Paid Facebook Vanity URLs

Posted Apr 23, 2009

Facebook is looking for ways to increase their revenue and they are actually asking users whether they would pay for certain servies.  In this case, Facebook is asking if you would pay for a unique username that points to profiles (example: www.facebook.com/amit).  Several celebrities have already been given profile URLs for free in order to encourage them to update regularly and lure them away from Twitter.

For short URLs with certain keywords, it may end up turning into a bidding process.  For example www.facebook.com/john would get many offers.  MySpace.com already offers vanity URLs for free so this move may end up driving more people to create them on the other social network instead, but still maintain a Facebook profile.

Would you pay for a Facebook vanity URL?  Leave a comment.

[via AllFacebook]