Facebook Prankster Nolan Daniels Is A Software Engineer In Arizona

Posted Dec 3, 2012

A couple days ago, we wrote about how Nolan Daniels did not actually win the lottery and is not going to share $1 million with you by simply sharing the Facebook photo below.  I’ve seen this stupid photo pop up on my News Feed several times and I actually feel bad for people thinking that this is real.

The photograph was shared by over 2 million people and Nolan Daniels.  Great prank though.  So who is Nolan Daniels?

Nolan Daniels is a software engineer and co-owner of a company called N2 Technologies in Mesa, Arizona.  The company provides software for companies in the medical industry.

Nolan Daniels’ brother Derek confirmed his brother’s identity to the Savannah Morning News.  ?I think he craves the love from people,? said Derek.  Supposedly the photo started off as a joke, but spread beyond what he expected.

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