Facebook Removes Ability To Search By Relationship Status

Posted Aug 7, 2009

Although I’m not sure how many of you actually used this feature, Facebook has decided to shut down the ability to search for people by their relationship status.  In the past, anyone could search for people that were “In an open relationship,” “Single,” “Engaged,” “Married,” etc.  Those that were in an open relationship or single were more likely searched for than people that were engaged or married.

Don’t fret yet stalkers.  There are several dating applications available for use on Facebook.  Some of them include Zoosk and Are You Interested?  A lot more people use Zoosk than Are You Interested? but Zoosk has a lower rating than the other dating app.

The social networking company did not exactly say why they decided to remove the feature, but I’m assuming that it is a way for them to curb stalking on the website.  MySpace has taken a fair share of reputation hits because of cyberstalking.

[via AllFacebook]