Facebook Removes Group Calling To Hire A Hitman For Evo Morales

Posted Jan 29, 2009

Facebook has removed a group that calls for ‘Global collection to hire a sharpshooter to liquidate Evo Morales.’  The group was formed this past August and over 8,000 members joined.  Morales is the President of Bolivia.

“We need to get the money to inspire someone to do it,” stated the group creator Hony Pierola, 20.  Pierola created the group “to laugh a little and wouldn’t be so stupid as to do it with serious intentions.”  But as more people joined, the group got really heated.  One of the postings from August 10 called out for torturing and suffering of Morales “like he’s doing indirectly to many Bolivian people.”  Morales has caused a division in Bolivia regarding policies for empowering Native Americans in the country.  Ivan Canelas, a spokesman for the government of Bolivia did not know about the Facebook group, but officials will be looking into it.

Jaime Schopflin, spokeswoman for Facebook stated that the group was in violation of TOS and was removed within 90 minutes of the first complaint.

[via Telegraph]