Facebook Renames “Subscribe” Button To “Follow”

Posted Dec 5, 2012

Facebook has renamed the “Subscribe” button to “Follow.”  Perhaps the word Subscribe was not obvious enough for Facebook users to follow prominent brands and celebrities.  “Follow Me” was popularized by Twitter, but the term is now used in most social networks now.

The Follow button will have the same functionality as the Subscribe button.  Once subscribing to a celebrity or a brand, you will see their updates on your News Feed.  Next to the Follow button will be the “Add Friend” button.

Below is a statement from the company:

Starting today we are updating the term “Subscribe” to become “Follow” across the site as we found it is a term that resonates better with people on the service. Nothing is changing about how the feature works.

While the function of Subscribe hasn’t changed, today’s purely visual update is an obvious concession to the times ? an admission that Facebook lingo isn’t always permanent.