Facebook Responds To Julian Assange

Posted May 3, 2011

Yesterday I reported how WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called Facebook the most appalling spy machine ever. He went as far as accusing Facebook of automating a process to provide data to U.S. intelligence when asked for it. Facebook said that these claims are untrue.

It is true that law enforcement agencies are using Facebook as evidence for criminal activities. Facebook has not automated a process for U.S. intelligence agencies. Instead they have ?a dedicated team of CIPP certified professionals? that manages requests from law enforcement agencies.

?We don?t respond to pressure, we respond to compulsory legal process,? stated a Facebook spokesperson. ?There has never been a time we have been pressured to turn over data ? we fight every time we believe the legal process is insufficient. The legal standards for compelling a company to turn over data are determined by the laws of the country, and we respect that standard.?