Facebook Reunited Jutta Fairley With Her Long-Lost Son

Posted Nov 15, 2010

Facebook has reunited Jutta Fairley with her long lost son. When Fairley was 19 years old, she got pregnant while living with her family in Germany. Her parents forced her to either move out of the house or give up her baby for adoption.

Fairley chose to put her son up for adoption. During the course of the next 29 years, Fairley moved to New Orleans and married a man in the military. She then moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina caused her family to flee. Fairley and her son Daniel Schneider were reunited at the Houston airport after interacting on Facebook.

Schneider sent a request to become friends with Fairley on Facebook. At first Fairley did not recognize the man in the profile picture or the name, so she messaged him to ask who he was. He sent a message back saying that he was born on September 3, 1981 and that his mother’s name was Jutta.

Schneider is now married and has two children. He still lives in Germany. Check out the video below of the two reuniting.