Facebook Sees Major Growth In Japan, But Mixi Still Has The Lead

Posted Aug 7, 2008

In the past year, Facebook’s traffic in Japan has more than tripled.  This past year, Facebook was translated into the Japanese language.  However, Mixi.jp is still the dominant social network in Japan.  mixi, Inc. (TYO3:2121) had 12.7 million unique visitors this past June.  Facebook had 538,000, MySpace had 1.2 million, Orkut had 638,000, and Gree had 455,000. 

“The competition between social networks in Japan is beginning to heat up with the recent introduction of the Japanese language version of Facebook,” stated Maru Sato, Managing Director at comScore Japan. “The popular social networking site?s launch of Spanish, French and German language sites earlier this year resulted in strong traffic growth in these markets. If this is a reliable indication, we can expect to see Facebook?s growth in Japan follow a similar trend.”

As Facebook is growing in popularity worldwide, there are many Facebook clones appearing.  These clones include Xiaonei and StudiVZ.  Fed up with the duplication, Facebook had decided to take legal action against StudiVZ last month.

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