Facebook Shares Server and Data Storage Center Infrastructure

Posted Apr 7, 2011

Facebook is sharing their server and data center design with anyone who is interested in reading about it. This could come especially in handy for startup companies that are growing at a rapid pace. The infrastructure utilizes AMD, Intel, and the x86 architecture. Facebook uses newer and larger fans. From the server side, they use:

– 1.2 mm zinc pre-plated and
– Corrosion-resistant steel with no front panel and no ads
– Parts that snap together using a series of mounting holes on the chassis
– Server is 1.5u tall, which is about 50% taller than other servers
– The motherboard on the servers have LED indicators and has visual indicators to report server health
– A/C and D/C power is supported on the power supply
– Two types of processors: Intel motherboard with two Xeon 5500/5600 series processors with up 144GB of memory. There is also an Intel 5500 I/O Hub chip. The other processors are AMD Magny-Cours 12 and 8 core CPUs and the AMD SR5650 chipset for I/O with a max. of 192GB memory.

Facebook’s data center is based in Prineville, Oregon, where they spent two years developing this infrastructure. The data center has a power usage effectiveness ratio of 1.07. The server design decisions made by Facebook makes it smooth when running in 85°F with a 65% relative humidity. Facebook also uses warm air from the servers to heat the outside air and the offices.