Facebook releases Snapchat-like app called Slingshot. [UPDATED]

Posted Jun 9, 2014

Today Facebook temporarily released a new photo and video sharing app called Slingshot in select markets. The app allowed users to share photos and videos of what they are currently up to (known as “Slinging”). Friends would not be able to see your shot unless they “sling” something back.

Facebook is thinking that users will become curious about the mystery content so they will keep sharing over-and-over. You can add captions and drawings to the images just like Snapchat. Instead of putting a time-based self-destruct function like Snapchat has in its app, Slingshot lets you view unlocked shots later if you are busy but it goes away after swiping. Slingshot is similar to another app called Taptalk and Rando, which was shutdown in March.

Last year, Facebook took on Snapchat by releasing an app called Poke. But that app was pulled from the App Store after it was considered a flop. Slingshot was released in select markets, but it was taken down again today. We will update this article if it is published again.