Facebook Status Gives Away Location Of New Zealand Bank Thieves

Posted May 28, 2009

Westpac Bank in New Zealand had accidentally deposited $8 million into the bank account of a service station owner Leo Gao and his girlfriend Cara Young.  After discovering the money, they quickly withdrew the money and fled to somewhere in Asia.

The way it was discovered that the couple was in Asia was because Young’s sister Aroha Hurring joined them and posted details about their location in a Facebook status message.  The message stated that she was enjoying the heat and the local Asian beer.

Young’s mother Sue Hurring said “Well you’ve got to have a laugh.  It is bizarre.”  Hurring then blamed her daughter’s boyfriend for the incident.  “Well, if you really want to know I’d like to wring his blinging neck for getting the whole… I don’t know what to say.  Never mind Leo, he can stay there. Just come home now please [Cara]. It’s going to be OK.”

Getting them to come home through extradition will not be possible because the New Zealand and China don’t have any sort of treaty agreement.

Cara and Leo both applied for a $10,000 loan and a Westpac employee accidentally inserted a few extra zeroes instantly giving the couple access to 10 million New Zealand dollars.  The employee that made the slip is supposedly so distraught about what happened that he or she needed to see counseling.

[via ABC News Australia]