Facebook Status Messages Becoming Easier; Removing “Is”

Posted Nov 20, 2007

“Starting with tonightâ??s push, any API calls that return information about usersâ?? status messages, including FQL and users.getInfo, will be changing slightly. The return value will now start with a verb, so prepending â??is â? is no longer required. So in order to construct a full status message it is now $name + â?? â?? + $message, instead of $name + â?? is â?? + $message. Additionally, users.setStatus will be able to avoid prepending the word â??is â? by passing in an additional parameter: â??status_includes_verbâ?. If you pass in true for that parameter, it signals to us that we should *not* prepend the word â??is â? to the status you give us. In a few, we will delete that parameter and change the default behavior to be that you must include your own verb.”
-Facebook platform status feed

Users on Facebook are encouraged to write what they were doing in status messages just like Twitter.  But every message had to start with “[your first name] is” and then a custom message.  But no longer will that “is” be there according to Wired and AllFacebook.

So now instead of messages like “Amit is wondering if Bill Gates will poke him back on Facebook” can be replaced by “Amit wants Bill Gates to poke him back on Facebook.”  I think that after Facebook removes it, users will wonder “what really was the point of that is being mandatory.”  And just for the record, I agree with Arrington when I say that because this is a top story on Techmeme, the Blogosphere really does need a vacation.