Facebook Announces “Facebook Stories” Website

Posted Aug 2, 2012

Facebook has officially announced the “Facebook Stories” website.  The website was launched “to celebrate the different stories that are coming out of Facebook.”  The first story is about Mayank Sharma, a guy that used Facebook’s “People You May Know” to connect with old friends and put together his life history after he was diagnosed with meningitis at age 27.

Other stories are about David J. Knight, Joshua Foer, Joachim Sputnik, Ashley Charles, Ari Shapiro, and Dr. Jeremy Bailenson.

Some of the positive stories that we have written based on activities from Facebook includes Don Gibson reuniting with his family, Pitbull meeting fans in Kodiak, Alaska, and the Highers brothers getting a re-trial after serving 25 years for a crime that they potentially did not commit.