Facebook Inc (FB): Idea for a ‘sympathize’ button is well-received

Posted Dec 8, 2013

Sometimes when a Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) user faces adversity or is grieving, he or she usually posts a status looking for sympathy or words of encouragement. “Liking” that status may come off as inappropriate so Facebook is considering the idea of adding a “sympathize” button. The idea was suggested by a developer at a recent company hackathon, according to The Huffington Post. This would be a way of acknowledging the issue without “liking” it. People that were present at the hackathon event were very receptive to the idea.

The user posting the status would have to choose the option about how they are feeling from a drop down list. For example, if you are grieving, then you would select “depressed.” After that emotion is selected, the “like” button would be transformed into a “sympathize” button.

There are a lot of hoops involved in taking the idea from a hackathon and integrating it through the entire social network though. The idea could be dropped altogether or it may lead to something big. After all, the ideas for the Facebook Timeline and Facebook Chat came up at a hackathon and now it is rolled out to every single Facebook user.